Safe Touch Therapy

Training for Body Workers

Safe Touch Therapy (STT) was created by a massage therapist and a licensed psychologist in response to the need for a transition for psychotherapy patients who need to develop more body awareness and/or seem ready to learn to accept (and eventually enjoy) touch. Licensed body workers (chiropractors, massage therapists, shiatsu therapists and others) are trained to think in a different way about creating safety for people who have difficulty tolerating touch.

Rather than being motivated by healing the body, STT therapists are trained to think in terms of healing the reception of touch. So, for example, in a massage session a therapist might sense a tense muscle in a relatively private area and say “Is it OK if I touch here?” But in an STT session the same massage therapist would not think of asking, because she knows that 1) even asking is off-putting, and 2) survivors of abuse sometimes can’t say no.

The session begins with the client making marks on an outline of a (genderless) human body, showing where touch feels safe. Therapist and client then talk about the room, with the therapist showing that the door locks to keep out intruders, and showing the client how to unlock the door so the client can leave anytime. The therapist and client then go over the paperwork and the outline. Actual touch takes about five minutes in the first session – if the client permits touch. Then the STT therapist invites feedback and does another five minutes if the client permits.

The long-term goals of STT include:

  • the patient’s comfort approaching body workers, including massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.

  • increased confidence, especially in setting physical boundaries

  • enhanced proprioception

  • enhanced interoception

  • enhanced overall sensing, including knowing where the extremities are in space and having a sense of what the facial expression is conveying.

STT Training and Certification

Training at the first level of STT is a two-day, intensive course led by its co-creators. Applicants must be credentialed in some form of body work and have five years of practice. Following Level 1 training, practitioners must have 10 hours of STT practice before acceptance into Level 2 training. Certification follows completion of Level 2 training. To arrange training in STT, please contact us.

Trained STT Practitioners

The following practitioners were invited to train in STT after psychotherapists recognized them as being gifted in their respective fields. They have completed Level 1 training and are currently offering potential clients a reduced fee for STT as they complete the required 10 hours of practice before acceptance into Level 2 training. Please note: When making an appointment, you should specify that you want Safe Touch Therapy so that the therapist will know before you arrive to set aside appropriate time.

Julie Hunnicutt, DC. Chiropractor in Roswell, GA. 770-993-0040

Deborah Huntley, LMT. Massage Therapist in Roswell, GA. 770-993-0040

Jeanne McClung, LMT. Massage Therapist in Roswell, GA. 770-645-5999

Trina Schultz, LMT. Massage Therapist in Buford, GA. 770-614-8460


Please note that the professionals listed on this website as trained in STT are licensed in their own professions and may or may not carry malpractice insurance as guided by those professions. The Institute for Clarity (IFC) and its owners and participants do not accept responsibility for clinical, ethical or other errors or violations, nor does the IFC endorse or recommend any particular practice or practitioner. The inclusion of any  name means only that the practitioner has taken training in STT.