Letter to Husbands from a Wife- Book


Are you and your partner or spouse having a tough time communicating clearly? This book addresses this all-too-common issue. Dr. Pati and The Coach will teach you how to talk so your partner wants to listen and to listen so your partner feels heard. 


“This is the textbook for what to do when your wife or girlfriend says, “I’m Fine,” and you know she isn’t; when she cries; when she avoids sex; when she says, “We need to talk”; all those situations that used to make me squirm.” – P.B., A Boyfriend, Toronto 

“This book shows you how you’ve been messing up when you try to communicate, and shows you what to do instead. It gives you the words and it shows you better ways to find your own.” – J.W., A Husband, Atlanta 

“When I remember to communicate this way, it works like magic.” – J.C., A Husband, Toronto