Authentic Forgiveness DVD and Manual for Therapists


Available ONLY to credentialed mental health professionals- please see note below. Authentic Forgiveness (AF) is a single-session protocol for use with patients who are experiencing discomfort with emotions of non-forgiveness, e.g. hurt, anger, resentment, or shame. This video shows the complete process of AF in four sessions with different patients. The length of these sessions varies from 37 minutes to 2 hours. The differences between AF and other forgiveness interventions are as follows: Other forms aim to shift the patient’s emotions from non-forgiveness to compassion in order to allow forgiveness. This process takes months. AF, on the other hand, leads the person into and through the emotions of non-forgiveness to a natural state of neutrality or peace, which then allows for the development of compassion. AF is the only forgiveness method that actually uses the pain of non-forgiveness as the path to forgiveness. Other methods rely primarily on CBT to shift emotion. The AF procedure uses several techniques that include mind, emotion and body to make the shift. Patients have reported that after the protocol they feel lighter, more peaceful, totally without emotional charge of any kind when remembering the incident or pattern of incidents that they had been unable to forgive. In addition, patients report that the process is easy to do, even with emotional release that is sometimes fairly intense. For more information, we invite you to read our AF blog post. NOTE: Due to the delicate nature of the content in this video, it is available only to credentialed mental health professionals. To arrange purchase, please use our Contact form.