About Us

The Institute for Clarity provides goods and services that foster clarity between groups and individuals. Everything created at IFC is designed to foster clear communication between and within people. Anything we need to say can be said compassionately and clearly, no matter how difficult the truth. Clarity within an individual refers to perceiving oneself clearly. An example of this is having the willingness and the courage to hear your partner’s feedback and look inside fearlessly. Many of the issues we blog about are psychological or social issues, but some are health issues. Any issue that clouds our thinking or affects us negatively can be clarified.

Our Team

Dr. Pati Beaudoin, Queen of Clarity

A licensed psychologist, Pati produces all content for the Institute, including what’s on the site and what’s in our products. Originally Canadian, she received her doctorate at one of Canada’s Ivy League schools, University of Toronto. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 1985 and has been in private practice in Roswell, Georgia since 1991. Pati’s quest for clarity began at a young age, and she invites you to engage in the process by contacting us with any questions or comments about our blogs, products, or services.

Matt Bailey, Film Guru

Matt has been managing several aspects of our film production since 2008. His 9-5 life is in post-production at Lighting & Production Equipment, Inc. in Atlanta. The Institute is fortunate to have Matt share his talents with us.

Rachel Maloni, Number Tamer

A talented business manager, Rachel takes care of all things arithmetic. She cuts the checks and pays the rent. Without her, there would be no IFC.

Sara Wilkin, Web Warrior

Sara has been on the team since 2015. She assists in content development and maintains the blog, making sure we communicate clearly to our readers. An organizer by profession, wordsmithing comes naturally to this NAPO member.